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How to Choose The Best Material for Outdoor Furniture?

  • Has superior all-weather performance to withstand the harshest environments

  • Has a natural resin content that makes it more resistant to insect damage and impervious to water

  • Contains oil that prevents dry rot, making teak a solid and long-lasting choice

Wrought Iron
  • If you desire uniqueness and handcrafted design, wrought iron is the perfect material for outdoor furniture.

  • It is highly malleable and can be bent and manipulated in various ways during production, making it visually appealing and comfortable.

  • During storms or wind gusts, the furniture will not easily "fly away" because it is very stable.

  • Very light, can be moved at any time to rearrange the outdoor environment

  • Highly durable, sturdy and reliable structure

  • Not rust or deteriorate, suitable for living in high precipitation or high humidity

  • Only partial cleaning is required (water and mild soap)

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  • Lightweight, easy to move and rearrange

  • Unbreakable, dropping will not damage it

  • No maintenance required

  • Waterproof, won't rust or crack

  • Safe for children, no sharp edges

Stainless Steel
  • Higher durability without fear of sudden loss or damage

  • Can withstand corrosion, providing a longer life for your furniture

  • Does not warp to any great extent at high temperatures because of its high heat resistance

  • Low maintenance procedures (polishing, wiping & disinfection)

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