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  • How many drawers are given for a wardrobe?
    We provide 3 complimentary drawers for wardrobe from 5FT to 10FT. Drawers can be added at $60.00.
  • How much do you charge if I want an additional keylock?
    We provide 1 complimentary keylock set for wardrobe. Additional keylock sets can be added at $15.00.
  • Can I do these kind of handles for wardrobe?
    Special handles designs are subjected to additional.
  • What is the Progressive Steps for Carpentry Coordination?
    1. We will arrange with our client to deliver ‘’Laminate, PVCs, Table Top.’’ Also, we will explain the price to the client to make it more clear. 2. Understand the layout format from client and feedback to the group chat so the sales person can double confirm that the quoted is correct. 3. We will show our price chart to client if ask for wardrobe special designs to keep the price transparent. 4. What is standard design we are selling? a) Top Vertical Open: nice but opening maybe strenuous. b) Top Horizontal Open: easy to open but the lining separates the top and bottom 5. Give our client to choose the layout 6. If Client need any sales service suggestion can refer back to WhatsApp group chat. 7. We will update sales person for the quote of additional works if client add on request.
  • What type of board are you using for your carpentry works?
    Our board are local supplies and we uses only Solid plywood, Blockboard, Particle Board and Foam Board
  • What is the height of your cabinet?
    Our height of our bottom cabinet from ‘’Floor’’ till the top of the table is 870mm by default. (Extendable up to 900mm max) and our height of our top cabinet is between 1050-1150mm (Not exceeding in height)
  • What is the depth of the cabinet?
    Our kitchen top cabinet depth by default is 340mm on external (Extendable up to 400mm ) Not exceeding. Do take note that extending of the top cabinet will bring the hood forward which may cause head bum when cooking. For bottom cabinet our depth by default is between 590-600mm ( Not exceeding).
  • What is the height in between the top and bottom cabinet?
    The height in between of top and bottom range from 600-630mm.
  • Does your cabinet have ABS finishing?
    Cabinet does not finish with ABS finishing. ABS finishing are mainly done on cabinet doors or within the ABS material size it can provide.
  • What is the brand for the hinges you supply or install?
    Our current partner is Excel. We uses Excel Hinges,Bottom Slides and Constanzo Hydraulic Lifter for our kitchen.
  • How much do I have to top up from Excel to Blum Hinges?
    You will have to add $10 Per foot run/PFR to the length.
  • I want to have more drawers.
    Our complimentary drawer is 3 units for a 20FT Kitchen. You can add at $60/Per drawer.
  • If want to change my sink to waterproofing board possible?
    Yes can be done before fabrication upon request and we will do a variation order for you.
  • How much is the cost for the waterproofing board?
    We uses Foam board for ‘’waterproofing’’ and the PFR is $180.
  • How much do you charge for extra Hydraulic lifter Unit?
    For additional Hydraulic lifter unit will be at $108.80 for Medium Duty (3-5Kg) and $138.80 for Heavy Duty(5-12Kg).
  • How much do you charge to replace or repair door laminates?
    I am sorry but we do not do repair works. For new replacement of doors our per foot run is at $80 for standard design. (Handles are not inclusive)
  • How do you charge for supply of cabinets handle?
    We do not supply cabinet handles. Handles can be purchase from external online platforms.
  • How much do you charge for installation of cabinet handles?
    If you are an existing on-going renovation customer the handles installation are FOC. For external new customer, We do not do just the installation of cabinet handles.
  • How much do you charge to for sintered stone?
    Our Sintered Stone is at $130 Per foot run single profile with depth not exceeding 60cm excluding 50mm backsplash kerb.
  • How much do you charge for Granite Top?
    Our Standard Range Granite Top is at $100 Per foot run/onwards - Single profile with depth not exceeding 60cm excluding 50mm backsplash kerb.
  • What is the difference between Quartz and Sintered Stone?
    Quartz are man-made stones mixed with hard resin to form where as Sintered stone are made our of porcelain.
  • Is Sintered Stone brittle?
    In carpentry works. Sintered Stones are over-layed on top of our solid plywood. It will be more sturdy and durable.
  • Is Granite better or Sintered Stone?
    For Granite Top they are natural and durable which can withstand heat and water but they are porous. For Sintered stone they are also man made made with porcelain. They are as well highly resistant to heat and water and non-porous.
  • How much PVCs colours can I choose?
    We only allow 1 PVC colour per house unit.
  • What is tiling works?
    Wall and floor tilers will normally work on a building site, or in domestic and commercial premises using coloured and textured tiles to decorate the inside of buildings (such as kitchens and bathrooms) or working on large floor areas such as factories, shopping centres and airports to given specifications.
  • What is the standard size for tiles works?
    In tiling works. There is no standard size but rather there are some requirements to fulfill on certain areas. E.g; In a bathroom,kitchen or wet area we normally uses size like 30cm x 30cm to allow dissipation of water faster.
  • What type of tiles do I need to take note when buying?
    In the market, There are few types of surface texture. Simplifying as Glossy which is slippery and Matt as rough finishing. So do choose the correct suitable choice for your area.
  • Can I use glossy tiles for bathrooms?
    Glossy tiles can be used on wall and floor of the dry area. Do take note that glossy are prone to water stains mark too.
  • Why there are thicker grouting in finishing and thinner grouting in finishing?
    There is a specific instruction of the tiles gap by the manufacturer when purchasing of the tiles. As some tiles have uneven edging it’s preferred to have a slightly wider gap of 5mm-6mm. Normally tiles gap are between a mere 1mm-3mm.
  • What is the size of the mortar required?
    21’’or 530mm.
  • If I want construct a half wall to separate my kitchen and washing machine what height should I do?
    We would normally suggest to do 1Metre from the original ground/floor of the kitchen.
  • I want to level my kitchen floor with the living floor is it possible?
    Yes you can but you will require to submit for approval before you can raise the floor.
  • How many types of waterproofing are there?
    We recommend of doing a waterproof thin bed layer followed by 104 waterproofing membrane and lastly 3in1 floor screed.
  • Can I relocate my floor trap?
    As there is an original of the waste pipe. A floor trap have to be placed at it’s origin position but you may add floor trap to other areas.
  • Can I replace my Sewage pipe in the toilet?
    Yes you can change the discharge pipe but to follow accordingly to PUB’s requirement.
  • What type of corner edges can we expect with tiling works?
    For the finishing on the edges there is 3 types: Corner bead, Mitre 45 degree and Overlapping.
  • What is the final of the skirting height from floor?
  • What is the height for mortar base kerb?
    50mm in height and side tiles finishing. There is no tiles on the top surface.
  • If I want to have different tone for my bedroom tiles and living room tiles. What ways are there or to be expected?
    We will insert a Stainless Steel Inlay on the bedroom door frame to allow the separation of 2 different tiles.
  • If I have a hollow floor what can or how can it be repaired?
    We will base on the situation of the hollowness to advise the next step. If the hollow is only on the edges of the tiles we can apply strengtheners on the edges. If the hollow is whole we advise to remove the area and re-apply/install.
  • What colours of grouting are there?
    The standard colour is white. Colour grouts are mixture which varies accordingly to the tiles chosen to match closely. Every batch of mixture or mixing will vary in colour after applying.
  • What size am I expecting for my HDB/Flat house?
    20mm and 15mm.
  • What types are there?
    For HDB houses are normally Polybutylene pipe, Copper Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe.
  • Why is it that my water pressure in my house is so low.
    In high rise apartments (above 25m) you might experience low water pressure as height is more and water flow is restricted travelling upwards. An alternative is to have a different water tank installed where water can be taken and stored.
  • How do I check or know signs of leakage?
    Water stains on wall or ceiling. Leakage causes mould to growth which also affect one’s health.
  • Does your package includes hood and hob?
    Not all of our packages include free hood and Hob. Please check with our sales consultants. And the model of hood and Hob varies depending on the availability of stocks.
  • Does your package includes sink and tap?
    Not all of our packages include free sink and tap. Please check with our sales consultants. And the model of hood and Hob varies depending on the availability of stocks.
  • If I have my own hob and I do not require hob and hood?
    If the package includes hood and hob, and you don't require it, we can give you a voucher in exchange for other homewares that are sold on our webstore.
  • If I have a kitchen kerb already and I don’t not want the kitchen in the package?
    If you don't require a kerb, we can give a voucher for our webstore.
  • Is your factory in singapore or Malaysia?
    We have a local factory located at 30 Mandai estate #04-08.
  • how long is the Carpentry turn over time?
    Usual turnover time for carpentry work is within 14-18 working days based on the drawing confirmation date.
  • How long does your company takes to complete the job?
    For projects usually takes between 1 month to 6 months. Depending on the amount of work requested. (Eg. A kitchen revamp works will take roughly one to one and a half months to handover) It takes two hands to clap for every project, hence we highly encourage customers to be involved in the entire process, and the speed of the project also highly depends on speed of confirmation for details and drawings.
  • How can payment be made?
    We accept payments via Cheque, bank transfer and Paynow. Do note that Cash is not accepted, any cash that's paid directly to our staff will be at your own risk.
  • What is the progress payment term?
    Our payment terms are 10% upon confirmation of quotation 45% Before start of project 20% Upon confirmation of 2D drawings 20% Before carpentry installation 5% upon handover All Variation order shall be paid before the additional works requested is done.
  • How much will I be spending for renovating my home?
    It is difficult to come out a right answer without knowing the scale of your project. To get a quotation or estimation for your renovation project, feel free to contact us, we would like to discuss this in details with you.
  • How much does a quotation or estimation cost?
    Our quotation is free of charge, which would be written in detail about the cost of work for your project.
  • What is the payment stages for a renovation project?
    After you sign-off quotation, the payment stages would proceed as shown in sequence: 1) Deposit 10% 2) Before start work 40% 3) Confirmation of carpentry 2Ds 20% 4) Before carpentry installation 20% 5) Handover 10%
  • How much responsibility do I have to bear during the construction process?
    Our full range of services covers everything in an interior renovation and construction. Our goal is to reduce your burden towards any interior construction or service project. As a client, you will only be deal with us, and responsible for minor works such as acting on clarifications and changes, interpreting documents, financing for the projects, as well as site survey if needed.
  • How do I know the progress of my project?
    After the quotation has been signed off and confirmed, our coordinator and designer will regularly communicate with you about the status of the work done and the interior design. We will keep you informed as our goal is to answer your questions before you ask it. Everything is transparent between us, we would be happy to answer you if you have any questions about your projects.
  • Do I have the right to change the plan?
    Yes, the plan and design can change during the planning and design phase. It is essential to communicate closely with our design team and your ideas before the construction begun. This will enable them to quickly build a design and thus keep everyone on the same page towards achieving the end goal and smooth building process.
  • Does the product or services have a warranty?
    The warranty of products or services all depends on the items, as different items and trades have a different warranty, such as 6 months, 1 year, or lifetime warranties. For all materials purchased for customers, we will pass on the manufacturer's warranty.
  • What type of wood do we use?
    For cabinets we use Solid plywood & Blockboard, occasionally we use MDF board as well. For furniture, we use Chengal & Pine wood.
  • How do we determine the number of shelves in a column of a cabinet?
    For cabinet internal height not exceeding of 90cm/900mm will be given 1 shelve. (Additional shelves can be given upon request)
  • Do the cabinets use ABS (acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene)?
    ABS is normally used for doors and certain edges, and they come in standard sizes, hence the cabinets usually do not use it. Moreover, ABS colours might not be 100% similar to the laminate chosen but be assured we will choose the best match for you.
  • What is the colour of the cabinets’ PVC?
    Normally it is white, but we are giving out selected colours as our basis colour for you to choose.
  • What brand of laminate do we use and the range to choose from?
    We do work closely with brands such as Formica, EDL and Lum Chuan, but we do have other options as well. We do not limit the range of laminate to choose from, but we do require a small top up if the laminate cost chosen is above $60.00. Please be assured, everything is transparent between us.
  • Will the size of our appliances or accessories affect the designs?
    Normally we will discuss with you on the size of the hob, hood, sink, basin, washing machine, fridge, or oven beforehand. And our in-house designers & carpenters will calculate and plan the design and cabinet sizes for you, to best fit your requirements.
  • What is provided within the Kitchen cabinets?
    Standard items like hinges, the number of cabinets and doors are planned according to the dimension and sizes of appliances. Normally 4 drawers and dish rack are provided also. Additional accessories, such as basket drawer, will require a small top-up.
  • What are the standard size of our cabinets?
    Cabinet Corner Join = top 75+/- bottom 100+/- side 50 +/- Wardrobe Door size = 45 to 55cm Kitchen cabinet door size = 45 to 55cm Standard straight cabinet Inner cabinet size = Door size minus 30+/-mm L-shape corner inner = door size + 570+/-mm
  • Are the cables still workable?
    For those Cable are old (such as 20 years), we would suggest to re-wire for safer choice in case one of the insulations worn off. Additionally, old cables are using old colour code, which may be confusing to the owners.
  • Can we change only the box and switches?
    Yes sure, we can change the box and faceplate only. But if you want another switch point, then it will require an additional lighting point.
  • What size of ceiling fan should we buy?
    It depends on the size of your room, example normally common bedroom 42” is sufficient and the living room will require 46” and above.
  • How do I check on my DB box if trip occurs?
    We will do label and indication on the DB box (Electrical Consumer Unit) for easier tracing in the future.
  • I have an existing Aircon point, if I need an additional point, is the load sustainable?"
    Yes, overall, the load provision by HDB is 40 Amp (upgraded flats). As Aircon power only surges during the start, but we would still recommend doing a new separate point or isolator point for the new aircon.
  • I require a lot of appliances at my home, such as ovens and microwave, will it cause overload?"
    For standard chargers, computers, tv or vacuum cleaners, the load is not high, hence there are no worries about the quantity used, but we strongly do not recommend using multiple multi-plugs as it might cause the overload of the plugs. As for kitchen appliance that draws high loads, such as ovens, we recommend splitting the load to separate circuit, to prevent overload in the circuit.
  • Warranty Term and Conditions
    Remark: Warranty doesn't cover any human incurred. The Transportation fee will charge with $80 once without warranty. Effective upon full payment is made.
  • Terms And Conditions
    TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Prices: 1.All prices and discounts are to be clearly indicate in the contract. We reserve the rights to remove the discounts when items are removed from the quotation. Down payments: 2. We require a down payment of 10% of Contract Sum or S$1,000 whichever is greater, at the time client signed and confirmed the contract. Quality: 3. Our materials used are as specified and received by client and is delivered in new condition. 4. We provide quality workmanship according to the specifications agreed and confirmed design/ layout & drawing by client. 5. There will be a planning Works Schedule agreed with client and upon completion, a joint inspection will be made to confirm any rectification as may be required before the client takes over the premises. 6. The materials provided and works done by the third party which are not indicated in the contract are excluded from the Company's liability and warranty. Payment Terms: 7. - 10% Down payment of Contract Sum upon confirmation. - 45% of Contract Sum upon commencement of work. - 40% of Contract Sum upon commencement of measurement for carpentry works. - 5% of Contract Sum upon Completion (Hand Over Of unit). 8. We will ensure accuracy in billings. Any additional items requested in the course of the works are chargeable and will be recorded on Variation Addendums for reckoning upon works completion. 9. We accepts ONLY Paypal, Bank transfer, Paynow, Crossed Cheques and credit card (subjected to admin fee). 10. For safety reason, we do not encourage client to made payment by cash. If client insist to pay by cash, please call office at 6909 0536 (Monday to Friday, 9a.m.- 6p.m.) to certify for it on that day or next working day when client made payment. 11. If client fail to do as clause 10, you will be solely responsible for any loss incurred thereby. Notwithstanding, we are still entitled to claim against you for the balance of the contract sum due and owed to us and any loss or damage incurred thereby. 12. We reserve the right to put on hold or cease work if client fail to comply with the payment mode. 13. Please request for official receipt as proof of payment. Schedule: 14. The planned/proposed schedule is subjected to changes base on site situation and due to any delay on confirmation of materials and designs. Warranty: 15. Warranty on materials 12 months is subject to provision of manufacturer/Supplier. Warranty is good as long damage is not a result of: ^Third party involvement in adding or altering the existing standard of finishing works. ^Wilful negligence of user. ^Wear & Tear. Confidentiality of information: 16. We treat all transactions and client's particulars with the strictest confidence. Client's data are collected solely for completing transactions and will not be used for other purposes. Mediation: 17. Only F.O.C. items stated in the contract signed will not be chargeable. All misc orders authorised/verbally agreed by owners will be justified as an agreement & subject to charges. 18. Any additional item or variation will be issue with a separate contract / invoice. 19. Any dispute that cannot be resolved shall be referred to the Tribunal Small Claim Court Mediation Panel for resolution by mediation. 20. One copy of this contract will be given to client for reference 21. Contract will be terminated after 6months if client is already unreachable and necessary fees will be charged accordingly. Condition for Refund: 22. There will be no refunds after services / products are confirmed.

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