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Maximize Ambiance: Tips for Choosing the Right Lighting

Updated: May 30

Lighting is serve as one of the important element for a house. With the light, it could light u the darkness of every corner in your house. Besides, lighting will also affect the illusion of space in a home. If you choose a wrong lighting for your house, your house will look smaller than it is!! Hence, it is important for you to choose the right lighting to enhance the appeal of your home!

Here we want to share with you the tips in choosing the light and also the recommend lighting for different ceiling!

1. Space Area

For choosing a suitable light, you need to choose based on your space area. For example, Standard 100sqft room suggest to have minimum 36 watt or higher to cover your entire space.

2. Contrastation

Have to take note on photometric. Why? Because the light will affect the luminance and the angle.

3. Voltage

Different voltage of light suitable for different space. For example, for normal HDB with space of 100-150ft, 40 and above Volt is the ideal lighting.

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Concrete Ceiling

Suggest Layout: Track Light / Ceiling Fan / Track Light

Rule of Thumb: IOI

False Ceiling

Suggest Lighting: Downlight. Why? Bring Sufficient brightness yet attractive.

**casing and wire will be invisible

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