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6 Ways to Get Rid of ODOR

Stop your fingers and stop scratching! Are you still looking for a way to get rid of odors?

All parts of life can always be filled with all kinds of big and small odors at one time or another, making people so uncomfortable.

So, let #how2design teach you a few tips to get rid of odor!

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1. Musty
  • You can put the dried tea leaves in gauze bags and scatter them everywhere. This method will not only remove the musty smell, but also emit a trace of fragrance.

2. Cigarette Smoke
  • If you have a problem with indoor smoking, you can wave a vinegar-soaked gauze around the room. You can also light a candle and the smell of smoke will dissipate.

3. Fishy
  • Put the dry tea leaves into the ashtray with a lighter to ignite, can help to remove the smell in the room.

  • If there is a smell on your hand, you can use a small amount of toothpaste or white wine to wash your hand. This could help you to remove the smell on your hand.

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4. Paint Smell
  • To remove the smell of the paint, you just need to put two pots of cold salt water in the room, and the smell will be removed in one to two days. You can also soak onions in the basin, which is equally effective.

5. Refrigerator
  • You can put a flap of grapefruit peel, lemon peel, tea gauze bag or a roll of draw paper in the refrigerator. This method can last for more than half a month.

6. Durian
  • Placing activated charcoal on the place where you have eaten durian can help to remove the odor of durian very well.

  • To remove the smell in your mouth, you need to pour salted water into the husks and use a spoon or a fork to scrape the white part of the durian peel on both sides. Then, rinse your mouth with this mixture and you're done!

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