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Still Work From Home? Then You Will Need This!

How 2 work efficiency during Work From Home?

Create Areas of Focus

Try create separate focus areas to accomplish different tasks, such as a reading corner to look up materials, or create a rest area for a relaxed environment.

By doing this, it can help you generate more ideas while working loh!

U-shaped/L-shaped Table

Depending on the space, may consider using a U-shaped or L-shaped table for your home office,

Which can let you have more space for multitasking ~

Balance of Illumination

Try avoid too dark, too warm, or even too bright in the home office

Because we need to take care of our precious eyes mah~ so enough illumination is a must!

Add Your Personality

A home office should be a unique space of your own.

Use your favorite colors as well as decorations like murals to add to your personality.

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