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Tradition & Taboo During CNY

Things you should know during Chinese New Year (CNY)!

We believe that during CNY you must be heard from the elders that "Ah boy, cannot do this on Chor Yat!" or "Ah girl, cannot wear black colour shirt in CNY!"

But, did you really know the tradition and taboo during CNY?

Here we share with you the Tradion and Taboo from Lunar New Year Eves to Lantern Festival!

Lunar New Year's Eve 除夕
  1. The whole family will have reunion dinner, it is better to have the dinner for a longer time.

  2.  Elders will give 'ang pao' to children and wishing them for health and happiness in the new year.

  3.  The children will stay up all night to pray for elder to live forever.  

  4.  Quarrel is not allowed as it will bring unfortune for next year.  

  5.  Take a shower before the night time as it means clear the unfortune for past year.

  6.  Clear past year debt otherwise it will bring bad luck for the next year.

  7.  Lights is needed to turn on which means have a bright future. 

Lunar New Year's Day 初一
  1. Don't take a shower, wash hair, and clothes in the morning, as it will "wash away" fortune and wealth.

  2.  Don't push people to get up, otherwise they will be pushed to do things along the year.

  3.  Don't pay new year's call when someone still on sleep, it will cause people to get sick in bed for whole year

  4.  Don't break the bowls, dishes, cups and plates, as it means bring bad luck to whole year. 

  5.  Do not eat porridge as it symbolized poverty for whole year.

  6. Do not killing, as it will cause disaster for the whole year.

  7. Do not take a nap, as it will affect the career 

  8. Don't sweep the floor as it will 'sweep away' the fortune.

  9. Married daughter cannot go back to parent's home as it will affect the wealth of the family.

  10. Don't take medicine as it will affect the health for this year; except who are needed the medicine all year round

The Second Day of Lunar Month 初二
  1. The married daughter back to parent's home. The husband need to accompany her and bring the gifts. The gifts given must be in pair as odd number means unlucky.

The Third Day of Lunar Month 初三
  1. Try not to pay new year's call on this day as this day is known as the Day of Red Dog (赤狗日) which will bring bad luck. 

  2.  Day of mouse marriage. Hence, go to bed and turn off the light early. May sprinkle some salt and rice in house as to share the harvest of the mouse (老鼠分钱). 

The Forth Day of Lunar Month 初四
  1.  Welcome The God back into the house. 

  2.  The Kitchen God (灶王爷) will call the roll. Hence, it is not suitable for going out. 

The Fifth Day of Lunar Month 初五
  1. Catch up with the "five poor" which are the poor in wisdom,  learning, literature, life, and communication. Which means unlucky things will be far away from us. 

  2.  It is forbidden to break ground, otherwise there will be a disaster happen.

  3.  Birthday of God of Wealth (财神), set off the firecrackers to welcome the God of Wealth. 

The Sixth Day of Lunar Month 初六
  1. Clear the garbage accumulate for past six days which means "Sending the poor" that can bring good luck and wealth.

  2.  "Open day" of shops and restaurants. 

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The Seventh Day of Lunar Month 初七
  1. People day (人日), which is the birthday of human being. 

  2.  Quarrel is not allowed and everyone should respect to each others.

  3.  Not suitable for have a long journey.

  4.  'Seven Evil Day' (七煞日). Avoid for getting married, moving, opening for business, build house, installation etc. 

The Eighth Day of Lunar Month 初八
  1.  'ShunXing Festival' (顺星节), the day to predict the luck of the year. 

  2.  The day to set the animals free (especially turtle and fish) in express the virtue of good life.

The Ninth Day of Lunar Month 初九
  1. Birthday of Jade Emperor (玉皇大帝)

  2.  It is forbidden to dry clothes or pick manure.

The Tenth Day of Lunar Month 初十
  1.  Stone Festival (石头节) 

  2.  Not allowed to move stones, grinding, stone mortar and other stone tools, otherwise will hurt the crops

  3.  Forbidden to hit rocks in the mountains or build houses with stones.

The Eleventh Day of Lunar Month 十一
  1.  Son-in-law day, which father-in-law will entertain son-in-low.

The Twelfth Day of Lunar Month 十二
  1.  The married daughter could visit parents again in this day.

The Thirteenth Day of Lunar Month 十三
  1.  Eating the light food such as congee to invigorating stomach. 

The Fourteenth Day of Lunar Month 十四
  1.  Birthday of 'Shuntian shengmu' (顺天圣母). The goddess who rescued women who had dystocia.

The Fifteenth Day of Lunar Month 十五
  1.  Lantern Festival. Birthday of the Emperor Tianguan (天官大帝).

  2.  The day which unmarried woman can find a good husband.

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