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Facts About CNY - Angpao Taboo

The most enjoyable part of the CNY is not only reuniting with your family, but also the Angpao play an “important role” at the CNY.

Whether you are sending Angpao or receiving them, you should be grateful.

Of course, if you are the one giving out Angpao, don't forget to pay attention to these taboos to avoid being considered rude or even touching your bad luck!

Good things come in pairs
  • The older generation was thought to be unlucky with an odd number in the amount of Angpao.

  • Most people prefer 6, 8 and other auspicious numbers.

Angpao cannot be sealed
  • The unsealed Angpao means that every year is blessed by more

  • Symbolizing "year after year" and "last forever"

Don't use expired Angpao
  • If the year/zodiac symbol is printed on the Angpao, pay attention to the "expired" issue

  • If you give someone "used Angpao", it means "good luck has expired" or "good luck has run out

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Don't folded up the money
  • If the money is folded and stuffed into the Angpao, it will make the recipient of the Angpao "the road to wealth is not smooth" and "the road to wealth is blocked"

Keep the money for a longer time
  • It is recommended not to use the money immediately after getting it, so that the money can absorb more wealth

  • You can wait until after the Lantern Festival to deposit the money in the bank

Use new money
  • You can exchange it at the bank, which has the symbolic meaning of "welcoming the new with the old".

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