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No-Stress Renovation Checklist for Your Singapore Project

Updated: Jul 3

Discover the ultimate no-stress renovation checklist for a hassle-free home transformation. Get expert advice and tips for a seamless renovation process.

Front Entrance
  • Utilities: Activate your water & electricity supply

  • Keys: Make sure each key can works

  • Doorbell: Get the electrician to hook up your doorbell

  • Front Door: With the door constantle open, check for scratches and damages, especially at the bottom of the door

  • Privacy: If your unit faces the lift lobby, you might want to consider a privacy divider

Living & Dining
  • Furniture: Measure floor and wall space for new furniture and entertainment appliances

  • Painting: Prepare the same color paint for future touch-ups

  • Power points: switch on all the lights to make sure they don't cause a power trip

  • Security: Install window grilles if there are children or pets in the home

  • Windows: Install solar film or day curtains and blinds to protect your furniture from sun damage

  • Floor mats: Place a floor mat outside the bathroom to minimize wet and dirty footprints.

  • Tile: Gently tap each wall tile with a coin. If there is a hollow sound, it may indicate that not properly glued.

  • Plumbing: Check for leaking pipes, especially in older apartments or homes.

  • Grouting: After chemically cleaning the tiles, there may be holes in the line, get your contractor fix it

  • Fixtures: besides installing the major sanitary fixtures, don't forget towel rack and toiletries holders

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  • Cove lighting: Besides testing lighting, look out for cracks, nail holes or uneven joinery in false ceilings.

  • Wallpaper: Ask for extra wallpaper so you have the option to redo it if bubbles or damage occur later.

  • Mattress: If your mattress or bed frame arrives early, cover it with a plastic cover.

  • Cleaning: Arrange to clean floors, cabinets and window frames after the renovation is complete.

  • Water heater and gas: After installed, set a date for the gas provider to activate the gas supply.

  • Wet work: purchase additional tiles in case some of the existing floor tiles get scratched during the hacking process

  • Cabinetry: Make sure the carpentry has been properly sanded and smoothed. Open and close all cabinet doors to ensure they swing smoothly

  • Kitchen appliances: Purchase all major built-in appliances as early so can be incorporated into the cabinets in time

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