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Open Concept Bathroom? Yay or Nay?

The trend of getting open concept bathroom has been on the rise since hotels have adopted a spa-inspired approach in their bathrooms. Over time, interior designers have mimicked this trend by pushing down the walls of the bathroom and adding glass as an alternative.

Since the bathroom is a private sanctuary, it's a luxurious space to enjoy on your own or share with your significant other. If you are considering creating an open concept bathroom for your private room, then you should explore some of the pros and cons of putting in an open concept bathroom.

More Natural Light

Concrete walls do not block light, but allow more natural light to pass through. This is ideal for compact rooms where the bathroom is completely dependent on artificial light.

Illusion of More Space

By removing the wall that separates the bathroom from the room, the open look gives the illusion of a "bigger, more spacious" room. With less enclosed space, you won't feel as cramped in the bedroom.

It Exudes Novelty

Open bathrooms create a feeling of luxury, as this design is usually only found in iconic boutique hotels.

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Lacks Privacy

Bathrooms are usually places to relax and rejuvenate.

So without concrete walls, anything you do in it again will be seen or heard, with less personal privacy.

Increase Moisture Levels

The lack of a barrier causes moisture to migrate from the bathroom to the bedroom. Sooner or later, your bedroom may develop a musty smell or even encourage

mold growth on your walls and ceiling.

More Effort Required

An open-plan bathroom requires detailed planning to ensure that your bathroom design and bedroom fit together perfectly. In addition, you will need to put more effort into maintaining your bathroom and bedroom as they will be under constant inspection.

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