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海南鸡的组成 Ingredients for Hainanese Chicken:

-金桔酸辣酱 Kumquat Spicy Sauce

-姜蓉 Ginger Paste

-甜酱油 Sweet Soy Sauce

-鸡 Chicken

-鸡油饭 Chicken Rice

海南鸡做法 Hainanese Chicken Cooking Method:

泡鸡用的高汤 Broth for Poaching Chicken:

-1水3升 (能漫过鸡)3 liters of water (enough to cover the chicken)

-2.2%的盐 (3000*0.02=60g) 2% salt (3000 * 0.02 = 60g)

-家乐鸡粉30g Chicken Powder (30g)

-姜片/葱/香茅/香草/洋葱各50g Slices of ginger, scallions, lemongrass, herbs, and onions (each 50g)

-焯过水的鸡骨500g Parboiled chicken bones (500g)

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步骤 Steps:

1. 所有原材料一起煮滚,大滚10分钟 Bring all the ingredients to a boil together and simmer for 10 minutes.

2. 鸡烫皮冰镇反复三次(鸡皮更紧实)Blanch the chicken skin to tighten, then chill it in ice water, repeating three times.

3. 转小火冒小泡汤不翻腾,放入鸡25分钟 Simmer the broth on low heat without boiling and place the chicken in it for 25 minutes.

4. 拿出冰镇10分钟(冰镇的水也要加2%的盐,需要很多冰)Remove the chicken and let it chill for 10 minutes (the ice water should also contain 2% salt, and you'll need a lot of ice).

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