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Updated: Sep 14, 2023



Qi and blood are the energy of our lives. When our Qi and blood are insufficient, it deprives us of enough energy, leading to an unhealthy body and not in the mood. So here are 6 habits to help us replenish our Qi and blood completely!

Start from now, be disciplined for one month!

狠狠睡觉 | Get enough sleep


Men rely on eating, women rely on sleeping. Ladies should ensure we have at least 8 hours of sleep. Remember that our skin is not as resilient as men's, so proper sleep is essential for skin repair.

微笑面对 | Face challenge with a smile


Bad emotions can burden our body. Maintain a positive attitude and lifestyle. When you encounter anger or frustration, take deep breaths to avoid excessive loss of Qi and blood.

泡个养生脚 | Foot bath


Soaking your feet with hot water can raise our body temperature, promote blood circulation, and increase metabolism. Adding ginger or saffron can assist in replenishing Qi and blood.

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少吃喝冷饮 | Reduce consuming cold drinks


Don't indulge in coldness, reduce the use of air conditioning, and avoid consuming icy foods. Women tend to have a Yin constitution, and coldness can be too much for your body. Consume more Yang energy, basking our back in the sunshine adequately and replenish Vitamin D.

吃饭八分饱 | Eat until you are 80% full


Eating until you're 70%/80% full. Remember to consume staple foods like rice and noodles to provide essential nutrients for your body and assist in nourishing Qi and blood.

静坐冥想 | Practice meditation


Meditation is a helpful exercise to replenish Qi and blood. During meditation, clear your mind of distractions. You can adjust the time gradually, starting with five minutes, then ten minutes, and so on. The main goal is to find our inner calmness.

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