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5 Tips For Choosing The Right Showerhead

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Having trouble when choosing the right bathroom rain shower head? We all know how a good shower head feels, it is so amazing especially after a long working day, however, It could be a not-so-amazing process when you try to find the right one.

Therefore, here are some essential things that you should know, and tips that get you on the fast-track to finding the best rain showerhead!

Type of Showerhead

There are many types of showerheads available in the market. It can classify into 3 different types, which are handheld showerhead, (top-spout) rain shower head, side-spout shower head, and shower set (combination).

1. Handheld Showerhead

This is the traditional, classic, and oldest shower set design. The component of the handheld rain shower set consists of a shower diverter valve, connected with a flexible hose, shower head, and holder. The size of the handheld shower set is relatively small, has the advantage of flexibility and convenience, meanwhile, it can switch between multiple modes, but the most important point is that its price is affordable and cheaper, which makes it very popular and still available in the market today.

2. (Top-spout) Rain Showerhead

The size of the top-spout rain shower head is much bigger, its showerhead usually connects with a shower arm, and installed at a higher position, delivers us a different shower experience which is similar to a “rain”. The common design of the top-spout shower set is a wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted rain shower head that connects with a shower arm. In most cases, wall-mounted are mostly found in residences while ceiling-mounted is mostly used in hotels and other commercial buildings.

3. Side-spout Showerhead

Side showers are the least popular shower head compared to others, it is typically a small shower nozzle placed on one or more walls in the shower area. Each nozzle can spray concentrated water to clean a specific target body area. The position is fixed after installation, and the spray direction can be adjusted with a ball joint.

4. Shower Set

Shower set is a recent popular trend in the market, it combines the handheld and top-spout rain shower head into one, which can deliver various shower experiences and satisfy different needs.


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Tips for choosing your shower head:

1. Look At Material

When it comes to purchasing a shower set, no matter what kind of shower set you choose, the material always is the crucial part and comes first before making your decision. That is because the material would affect the various aspects of the shower set such as its appearance, quality, and durability. The common shower set available in the market is made up of 3 materials, which are ABS Plastic, Solid Brass, and Aluminium Alloy.

  • ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene): ABS plastic is mainly used in the nozzle part, and the water outlet is made of silica gel particles. The biggest advantage of the product is that it comes in many styles and designs, strong heat resistance, and cheaper price. The biggest disadvantage of the product is that the spray hole is easy to be blocked by dirt after a long time. At the same time, because it is a plastic material, it will be damaged by its aging, relatively poor in strength, prone to cracks and water leakage at the joint.

  • Solid Brass/Copper: Due to its durability, most high-quality shower heads are made of brass. Brass is a metal that resists rust and corrosion. It is a material that does not need to be worried about because it barely needs to be replaced. The advantage of brass is that it has a high-end style and sustainable beauty, its disadvantage would be pricey and difficult to recognize.

  • Aluminium Alloy: The showerhead made of aluminum alloy is light in weight and has a very good texture, meanwhile, it is durable, anti-corrosion and abrasion-resistant. The disadvantage is that it may turn non-uniformly black (or dark) after a long time, which affects the uniformity of the surface gloss.

It is suggested that:

  • if you don’t have special expectations, material choose aluminum alloy

  • if you aim for high quality, material choose brass

  • if you have low requirements, material choose ABS plastic

2. Look At Showerhead Spray Mode/Setting

Despite there are many different types of shower head spray settings, the standard spray setting for showerheads would be Full Body, Power Spray, and Mist. It would be better to make sure that the showerhead has at least these three modes would be enough before you buy.

a. Full Body/Rain Shower Mode

This is typically the most common mode in every shower head, designed to maximize the showerhead spray coverage pattern.

b. Power Spray Mode

This type of mode concentrates and boosts the force of the water flow into a single water column.

c. Mist Mode

Refers to the water flow through the special design of the small holes on the shower head panel then becomes fine water droplets and hence creating a soft mist spray experience.

3. Look At Easy To Clean Feature

If you use the showerhead for a long time, scale and impurities will inevitably accumulate. If it is not cleaned up in time, it is easy to form a blockage, which will not only affect the bathing experience but also damage our skin health. Therefore, when buying a shower head, you should choose an easy-to-clean shower head.

4. Look At Plating (if have)

The plating surface of the showerhead is an important factor affecting the quality of the showerhead. Generally, the smoother the chrome-plated surface of the showerhead, the better the coating process is. It can be kept at a high temperature of 150°C for one hour without blistering, wrinkle, or cracking. Therefore, when choosing a shower head, pay attention to the gloss and smoothness of the plating and coating.

5. Look At The Valve

The valve determines the entire shower head life, it is a component in a fluid control system that delivers the function such as direction control, pressure control, or flow rate control. A good valve has a characteristic of great hardness, smooth and abrasion-resistant. During the time you are choosing a showerhead, you may try to twist the switch. If it feels comfortable and smooth, means the valve core is good in quality and condition.


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6. Look At Other Accessories

Although the showerhead is the main character when bathing, the "supporting role" of its accessories is also very important. When buying a showerhead, you also need to pay attention to the shower accessories, for example, the flexibility of the handheld shower lift rod, whether there is a rotating controller for the handheld showerhead holder, the resistance of the flexible hose, etc.

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