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6 Things To Note Before Remodeling Kids’ Room

Making lego creations from an inspiration book | Photo by Kelly Sikkema
Kid making lego creations from an inspiration book | Photo by Kelly Sikkema

A lot of parents have been wondering what should take into consideration before remodeling their kids' room, especially when it comes to safety and lighting because we all want to give the best to our children. We have been faced with the same questions from parents to parents during the meetings before renovating their house, for example, how to choose the lighting fixture for my kids' room? If the illumination too weak, it might impact children's vision and sight; if the illumination is too strong, it might not suitable for them to rest in the room.

Therefore, I have summarized a few things to note down before remodeling the kids' room, and I would like to share it with all the parents if you are reading this.

1. Adjustable Lighting

LED Light Adjustable Dimmer Switch
LED Light Adjustable Dimmer Switch

When choosing the lighting fixtures for kids, it is better to choose the lighting fixture that could adjust the light or illumination between bright and dark. In this way, you can adjust the brightness based on their requirements. We could decrease the brightness to help them quickly fall asleep, switch it off when they are sleeping.

Also, it is important to avoid children sleeping under the light, because this might harm their eyesight, which will result in higher possibilities of getting myopia of short sight.

Light adjustable switch on wall
Light adjustable switch on wall

2. Avoid Lighting Fixture Right Above The Bed

Single Bed | Photo spotted at
Single Bed | Photo spotted at idealhome

Although mounted a lighting fixture right above the kids' bed would provide much illumination, it is still advised not to do so because the eyesight of kids is quite vulnerable, it cannot withstand the direct light for a long period. On the other hand, it might cause many negative effects for the brain development of the kids if receive electromagnetic radiation from a lamp at such close range or distance.

A child having eyes disease
Photo spotted at blinkcharlotte

The best way to know where the lighting fixture should be mounted is: make sure your kids cannot see the lighting fixture when lying down on their bed.

3. Light bulbs cover or lampshade

Ceiling Lampshade | Photo spotted at Foter
Ceiling Lampshade | Photo spotted at Foter

Parents should be careful when choosing the lighting fixtures for kids. One thing to remember is, do not pick those lighting fixtures that the kids can easily touch its lightbulbs if the kids are still very young. It would be better to choose a lamp with a closed lampshade, or add a protective cover for the bulb, the cover is suggested to be light in color. The lampshade or cover for the lightbulb is important because it reduces the possibility that the hot lightbulb scalding your kids' skin.

Lightbulb and cover | Photo spotted at Moodies
Lightbulb and cover | Photo spotted at Moodies

4. Avoid expose power cord

Photo spotted at remingtonavenue
Photo spotted at remingtonavenue

Most of the kids are lively, active, meanwhile have a strong feeling of curiosity about things around them. However, they lack the awareness of self-protection, especially younger kids.

Hence, if your kids' rooms have mounted wall lights, it is important not to expose the power cord to avoid those ignorant kids playing with the wire as a toy. Apart from this, parents should avoid placing a floor lamp in the kids' room to decrease the risk of electric shock for kids.

5. Socket Cover for Power Point

Power point cover
Power point cover

We all know kids do not like to stay still peacefully and quietly, instead, they like to move or climb around. Therefore, it is crucial to make sure all the socket power point in your kids' room are safe for them. Generally, socket power point does not come with its cover, but in consideration for the safety of kids, we should choose such as those type that has the cover, or a socket that can be automatically closed by unplugging from the power hole.

Socket plug
Socket plug

6. Install enough power point

Power point sample
Power point sample

The kids' room is the place that they can be themselves and do their things. No matter it is about studying, playing games, or spend time with their classmate and friends, most of the activities have to carry out in this small world of freedom.

Hence, the requirement of lighting arrangement in the kids' room might greater than in an adult's room, as well as electrical equipment such as a computer, speaker, or radio. This means it requires more sockets to be installed in the kids' room during the renovation to avoid insufficient sockets which might lead to an overload on a single power point when plugged in too much electrical equipment.


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