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3 House Design for Musician and Music-lover

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Small Grand Piano by Wengang Zhai
Photo by Wengang Zhai

For people who love music, or they are an actual musician, it would be better to have their house designed that matches their hobby or works they do. However, choosing which interior design for a musician or music-lover would be a question because there’s no such interior design that is suitable for everyone in the world.

In this article, I would share with you 3 types of interior design among the best, let's continue to read what I got for you now.

1. Neutral Color With Bright Accent

Neutral Color With Bright Accent

The first interior design comes from WCH Interior, which is designed for a Taiwanese home. This design used neutral color as a whole but used orange color in the detail part to bring up a comfortable environment. It looks simple from its appearance, without any mess and unbalanced in the space. It can be seen that the smooth of the sleek design and its color combination in the house create a unique character for its own. [spotted on: homedsgn]


2. Modern Black White Collocation And Wood Grain

Modern Black White Collocation And Wood Grain

The second design comes from XS Studio, it is an apartment of an actual pianist who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel. Although the pianist only lives alone in the house, the whole space style still aims to be clean and comfortable, meanwhile suitable to have parties from time to time. The design used color of black, white, and grey to bring up the feel of elegant and high quality, meanwhile, it used light wood grain for the furniture to balance the warmness and so the friendliness in the space.


3. Light-industry Style With Pink Accent

The third design is an apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine, which is designed by Ater Architects. The owner of the house is a young and fashionable married couple, who has lots of vinyl records, and requests the interior design should be able to express their enthusiasm in the music.

Light-industry Style With Pink Accent

It is obvious that the bold but cautions decision by the designer in choosing the color has increased the possibility and flexibility in this light-industry style house, it used black, white, and purple color to deliver the charm of elegant and texture in the design, on the other hand, it collocation with pink color to enhance the sweetness and happy atmosphere in the spaces.

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