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.. To make sure that we are meeting all of our state requirements, our goal is to have an environment where students can feel safe and can be themselves. Students are allowed to bring their own lunch and snacks, but in a safe environment. The final step is a very critical one. It is to ensure that the space is ready for the next class. This might mean that a teacher might need to make sure that the room is set up for the next class, the light is dimmed for the next lesson, and the room is cleared for the next teacher. What does all of this mean? It means that we have to be vigilant in monitoring and assessing what the students and teachers are experiencing in our classrooms. It is also important to realize that some of the complaints and issues that you and I experience in our own classrooms are not always the students' or teachers' experiences. It may be that some of the student or teacher complaints may be related to the way the school is set up or the way the school is run. For example, it may be that there are too many bells and announcements in the morning. These issues may not be related to the classroom. However, we must be aware of them and think about them. We need to ask ourselves: Are these issues related to the classroom or are they related to the school? Do they affect the students' ability to learn? As teachers, we must be alert to the need to keep an eye on our classrooms. We need to watch and assess the students' behavior and see what they are experiencing in our classrooms. We need to be careful that we do not spend too much time or money on things that are not related to our students' learning and to our teaching. The following are a few examples of things that we might need to monitor and assess in our classrooms: 1. Are the students having difficulty understanding a concept because the classroom is too noisy or too small? 2. Are the students having difficulty following a lesson because the lesson was too fast or too long? 3. Are the students having difficulty with a project because the materials were not available? 4. Are the students feeling isolated or lonely because they are not with their friends in the cafeteria or at recess? 5. Are the students getting enough sleep? 6. Are the students engaging in unsafe or illegal behaviors? 7. Are the students bored or restless because they have to do too many things or because they are



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