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Office Renovtion - How 2 Renovate A Successful Office?

Office renovation is not only for the comfortness of employees, but also in the details we must strictly control, otherwise it may leave regrets or hidden dangers.

Therefore, when it comes to renovation, we must understand the many aspects of decoration knowledge, strict control, and choose a formal renovation company.

As professional renovation experts, How2design4u draws on decades of experience and expertise to ensure the success of your renovation project.

#1 Define the Goal of Renovation

You must have a clear goal. For example, do you want to improve the efficiency and flow of the atmosphere, elevate your workplace branding, have an environmentally friendly office, or a design style that follows the footsteps of the times?

#2 Develop Office Requirements

You can make a list of the number of employees you need to accommodate in your office, the furniture, the expected future growth plan, etc. Of course, don't forget to gather feedback from your employees on the design of their future workplace.

#3 Set A Schedule for Renovation Work

Renovating an office usually takes 3-4 months, and you must plan for your employees to have other places to work during this time. Of course, you can also extend the time to work in phases to reduce office disruptions and prevent workplace safety hazards.

#4 Determining Renovation Budget

As a rough measure, the average price of a complete office interior design and fit-out package in Singapore is about $80 to $100 per square foot. Furniture is only part of the cost. You also need to consider the look and design of the carpentry, etc. The more elaborate the interior design, the higher the cost of renovation.

#5 Discussion With Reno Company

Let your reno company know all your needs early and be involved in planning all the process as it can help you decide the schedule and budget and even make better decisions for your renovation design.

How 2 Design 4 U
  • If you think the above sounds tedious, how about making your office renovation project a little easier!

  • How2design4u is a renovation company in Singapore with a proven track record of providing one-stop renovation service and absolute transparency in pricing, with no hidden charges.

  • Each member of our senior team has years of experience in commercial interior design and construction, and we can definitely bring you satisfactory design and service!

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