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How To Choose A Ceiling Fan With Light [2021]

A ceiling fan with light has decorative features like a light, meanwhile, it owns the practicality as a fan by itself. So, how to choose the right ceiling fan with light? When buying a ceiling fan with light, things that need to take into consideration are not merely the size, but also the aspect of its style, its height, etc. Let’s take a look with me to learn more about the buying tips for ceiling fans with light.

How to quickly choose a ceiling fan with light

1. Size

When it comes to buying a ceiling fan (with or without light), the biggest concern in most people's hearts might be what size to buy. If the area is below 10㎡, then a 36-inch ceiling fan should be enough already. If the area is around 10-15㎡, it is advised to choose an approximately 44-inch ceiling fan. These sizes of ceiling fan are suitable enough for both the dining room and bedroom. The area of the living room would be much bigger, thus it is better to choose a bigger size of ceiling fan if not, it might seem too stingy, and also lack of air delivery within that space.

2. Length of the Downrod

Along with the size, the next thing is to determine the length of its downrod.

Instead of customized downrod length, most ceiling fan (with or without light) has its standard size/length in Singapore.

For safety reasons, it is suggested that the minimum clearance height should not less than 2.2m measured from the finished floor level to the ceiling fan. However, if the clearance height measured from the finished floor level to the ceiling is less than 2.6m, it is suggested that not to install a ceiling fan.

For more information, please refer HDB official website for building works guidelines.

3. Fan Blades

Generally, a ceiling fan with light can categorize into three different types:

  • Standard: the fan blades that are nonretractable, which is similar to the common ceiling fan

  • Retractable Blade: invisible fan blade, which its blades are retractable. Usually, when it is not used, blades are hidden behind the light kit; when switching on, the fan blades will stretch out

  • Bladeless: you can’t see its fan blades from its appearance

There’s no specific area to apply all these three types of fan, choosing which type of fan depends on personal preference.

4. Control Method

There are three types of controllers for a fan that needs to consider:

  • Wall control/switch: Usually use a control regulator and a switch, or dimmer switch mounted on the wall to control the speed and light of the ceiling fan.

  • Remote control: A convenient way that uses a remote controller to manipulate the speed and light of the fan. Some have time settings, which allow us to set its time even when we slept.

  • Pull cord: Refers to a traditional or classical design ceiling fan that comes with 2 pull cod which hanging down, to control the light and fan separately.

5. Lighting

Most lighting fixtures now use LED to produce light, hence it is recommended to select a model that can switch between different color temperatures for light. Three common color temperatures are warm white, daylight, and cool white.

However, for the area such as kitchen or dining room, the requirement for lighting is relatively simple, hence choose single or monochromatic lights should be enough.

6. Design and Style

Design and style are also a factor to consider, but which one to choose all depends on you. Some people like Nordic design, some people are fancier with Japanese style; some people like black color, some people think white is better. There is no such formula to choose for style and design, just pick one that you like the most.

7. After-sales

After purchase just needs to look at whether it includes the installation service and warranty. It would be convenient if what you paid is included in the installation service. Also, it is better to choose a ceiling fan that has a warranty, usually 2-3 years onsite warranty should be enough, in Singapore, many brands even provide a lifetime warranty on their ceiling fan’s motor.


In general, if you are concern the other ceiling fan problems such as the noise, the lighting fixture shaking problem, etc, here are tips that you should know:

  • firstly you have to choose a well-known brand that has quality assurance because those well-known brand gain their positive reputation by their quality product;

  • secondly, is to hire the experienced and professional handyman/company to install it for you, because they can save your time, meanwhile ensure every fan structure, blades, and so the accessories are stable and tight during installation.

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