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6 Major Category of Indoor Lighting Fixtures

There are many types of indoor lighting fixtures, and sometimes, it can be very confusing, especially to those who are just beginning and try to understand lighting fixtures types.

Hence, I would like to share with you the 6 major categories of indoor lighting fixture, hopefully, this will help you identify each of them, whether in a restaurant, your home, or anywhere.

Hand curved like circle light photo by Nadine Shaabana
Hand curved like circle light

1. Surface Lights

Rectangle Surface Downlight image by zkxww
Rectangle Surface Downlight image by zkxww

Surface light is the light that you can easily see its shape from the outside. Typically, the base of this category of light is mounted on the ceiling. In terms of its shape, it can be such as round, square, polygonal, and irregular.

Most of the surface light provides soft and balance light through its lampshade, and they are commonly used in bedrooms, aisles, and living rooms.

2. Pendant Lights

Pendant lights refer to the decorative lighting lamp that hangs down from the indoor ceiling. It has various beautiful styles from the appearance, meanwhile easy to match and long-lasting, which been very popular among families, especially in the part of dining rooms, study and working rooms, and so the bedrooms.

Pendant light in a living room
Pendant Light image by pxlamp

While choosing the right pendant light for yourself, you should take into consideration that not hang it too low, otherwise it will be dazzling your sight.

3. Recessed Lights

Recessed Downlight image by repinku
Recessed Downlight image by repinku

Recessed light refers to the light that after mounted on a ceiling cavity, the structure of the lamp body would be hidden and invisible.

The common type of recessed light is a recessed downlight. It provides soft and balanced lighting, which can be utilized adequately in any room.

Apart from this, there is a similar light that confuses most people, which is a recessed spotlight. As opposed to a recessed downlight, a recessed spotlight provides much focus light to an area, instead of the whole space.

4. Track Lights

Track Light image by dinuoyi
Track Light image by dinuoyi

A track light refers to a light that has multiple bulbs on one track, often mounted on a ceiling or wall. Its lighting aims to be projected on something that needs to be seen, to achieve a prominent focus.

By using these types of lighting, it can effectively highlight an area, thus enhance the artistic effects of an atmosphere in terms of colors and shadows.

5. Wall Lights

Wall Light image by led.hqew
Wall Light image by led.hqew

The wall light is like what it sounds, the light that is mounted on the wall. Usually, the power of this type of light is around 15 to 40 watts, it acts as a supporting role in terms of lighting in a space.

This type of light offers an elegant and harmonious atmosphere to an environment, which is suitable and more commonly used in bedrooms, workrooms, and study rooms.

6. Task Lights

Table Lamp by lbdj
Table Lamp by lbdj

Task light (also well-known as purpose light) refers to the light that offers greater lightings or illuminance to complete a specific activity. An example of a task light could be a desk lamp or floor lamp for reading purposes.

However, it is important to know that task light is not the only factor governing visibility but is a supporting role for illuminance and improving contrast in an area or space.

Floor Lamp image by szdzs
Floor Lamp image by szdzs

Above are the six major categories of lighting fixtures, hope it is useful which can help everyone.


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