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5 Beautiful Living Rooms With White Brick Wall

Photo by Phil Goodwin on Unsplash
Photo by Phil Goodwin

Whether it is about an interior exposed brick wall or just brick wallpaper, there is no doubt that white brick wall has become one of the popular design choices.

That is because the white brick wall is brighter than the other color of brick, meanwhile, it can get rid of the monotonous when it comes to a white space. It can stand for itself more than just a wall, which can be a part of the decoration in the house.

Among all the walls I have seen, I have filtered out 5 beautiful designs that used the white brick wall in their living room (the sequence below did not mean ranking here).

1. White Brick Juxtaposed With Orange Color

White Brick  Wall | Adrian Lancu
Visualizer: Adrian Lancu

When it comes to the living room and white brick wall, the TV background wall often becomes the first choice for a brick wall. The white brick wall now makes the room brighter, visually expands the room, and achieve more comfort. It juxtaposed with the orange elements has added more layering and deliver the sense of art in the room.

2. White Brick In Nordic Styles

Scandinavian style with white brick wall
Spotted at

Compare to the Asia interior style, it is more common to be seen the interior brick wall design in the western interior style. Not to mention if your house aims to be Nordic style, the white brick wall would then be the first element you need to consider.

3. Whole White Brick Wall Behind The Sofa

white brick wall with vintage and classic accessories
Spotted at

Apart from the TV background wall, it is also common that the brick wall place opposite the TV wall, which is right behind the sofa. It can offer not merely the textured layering to space, but also the joy and comfort sensation in the air.

4. Part White Brick Wall Behind The Sofa

Faux white brick wall by Stones
Spotted at

This design adds another wall color layer on the left side, which increased the variability in the space. The flexibility of white brick wall can adapt every color in the room, collocate with log furniture and fabric sofa would then offers the fresh and comfortable sensation in the room.

5. White Brick Wall With Gallery

Spotted at
Konstiantyn Rekochynsky

This design filled up every corner in such a tiny space, without any messy but full of stylish. The gallery on the white brick wall enhances the artsy feel, at the same time it blends and matches perfectly with the other vintage accents in the room.


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